Gridiron 4 Mile 2017

This morning’s race was a blast! The New York Road Runners hosted their annual Gridiron Four Miler. What better way to start off Superbowl Sunday than by earning your beer?  Five thousand runners completed the course.

This race was fun for a few reasons… First, I loved that it didn’t start until 9 AM.  Especially in the winter that extra hour can make a major temperature difference.  This morning was overcast and around 30 degrees with a slight wind chill.   I also loved the race because a friend of mine ran! I met Sarah at the Miss New York pageant, it was great getting to catch up with her.  Not many friends are willing to run with me!


At 8 AM runners had the opportunity to compete in the longest football throw challenge.  I opted out as I can’t throw a football ten feet, but it was fun to watch! The male winner threw 51 yards and the female winner threw 30 yards.  Trophies were awarded to both.


The course itself is part of the standard Central Park running loop.  The starting line was also the finish line which was nice. I decided to give this race a shot without headphones and I am happy I did, it’s a mental challenge for me to run without music.  I think I can listen better to my body when I don’t have the additional noise distraction.

I started the race a bit too fast, my mile splits were as follows:

Mile 1 – 7:37

Mile 2 – 7:32

Mile 3 – 7:56

Mile 4 – 7:17

As you can see, I need to work on my pacing. I thought I was too fast going into mile three, but ended up being able to finish strong. I was very happy to place 12 out of 136 people in my age group. 

Very exciting news – this was my first race I have ever ran sub eight minute miles!!! I’ve started incorporating sprints into my workouts and this is proof it is paying dividends.  My next race is the NYC Runs Central Park Half Marathon on February 26th. Stay tuned for the next race review.



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