6 Tips for Running Through Winter

Running consistently through the winter is hard, even for the most seasoned of runners. Over the years I have learned a few tricks to push me through the coldest months.

  1. Recognize how cold weather effects your body during a run. Your body will retain more lactate as the temperature drops.  This can cause more soreness and cramping during and after your runs. Throughout the winter months I think it is more important to slow down your pace and stay comfortable, your body is trying to keep up with you.
  2. Put a race on the calendar.  I always find I am most motivated when I have a race to prepare for, I suggest putting at least one mid-winter race and one early spring race on the calendar (roughly February and April).  They don’t need to be long, just something to keep you working!
  3. Buy the right gear. If you haven’t spent much time running outdoors in the winter you will need to make an investment in your wardrobe.  You only need one or two outfits to start, I typically only wash my heavy running jacket once every two weeks.
  4. Dress for the weather. When you have the right gear, wear it! The bottom line is that if you are not dressed for the weather you are not going to have an enjoyable run, and who wants that?  Keep an eye out for a post in the coming weeks with my advice on what to wear during specific temperature intervals.
  5.  Cross train, cross train, cross train…. The winter months are a great time to try something new.  Ever wanted to play indoor soccer? Give it a go with NYC Social! There are indoor leagues for almost every sport. Try something new and make new friends, we all win.
  6. Try running somewhere new.  This is easiest for me on the weekends.  Get on the subway (or in your car) and go somewhere you have never ran before.  It is always exciting running in a new place, and committing to getting to your destination is a good way to force yourself outside.

Those are my tips – what works for you?

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